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Kinkisime Kırşehiris (Türgis) Mella pildi Rizale, kes on meie tore sõber. Vasakult Riza Gürbüz, Külliki ja Leo Võhandu.Learn About Finding Jobs for the disabled Project L@jost

Project funded by the Leonardo da Vinci program, the coordinating country is Turkey. In the project are working five countries-Turkey, Estonia, Romania, Italy and England.

8-11.2013 was the first meeting of the project in Kirsehir (Turkey). From Estonia participated Külliki Bode, Leo Võhandu, Edit Võhandu and Siiri Inno. In the first meeting we introduced the participating organizations, agreed , where are places of following meetings, announced the logo competition, and generated ideas for the project activities.

The following meetings are:

  1. Iasl in Romania, 7.- 10.03.2014
  2. Estonia, Tallinn, 1.-4.08.2014
  3. Florence, Italy, 28.11.-1.12.2014
  4. England, London, 3.- 6.04.2015
  5. Turkey, Ankara, 5.-8.06.2015

Meie Pehmik on nüüd Ankaras, Abdurrahman Kurtaslani juures. Abdurrahman on Ankara Puuetega Inimeste Koja juhataja ja THINKi koostööpartner.Education and Culture DG Leonardo da Vinci


The group photo
The meeting started with warm welcome speeches by Professor Leo VÕHANDU, member of the board of THINK ESTONIA and Estonian Team and Mr. Abdurrahman KURTASLAN, President of the Federation of Disabled Associations, the Coordinator Organisation of the project L@jost.

The Coordinator mentioned the state of play of the project and reminded the missing information and deadlines related to the project. Also the new task of curriculum development for call center sector and its testing procedure was mentioned.

Meelis JOOST, Foreign Relations and European Policy Officer in the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People, mentioned the disabled people and their problems related to employment in Estonia.

Kaido KIKKAS, Associate Professor, Estonian IT College, Tallinn University and Tallinn University of Technology, talked about people with disability and their education in Estonia. He put an overview about the historical improvement of Estonian special education system. (PDF)

Meelis LUKS (Mella), managing director, THINK Estonia, presented his lifetime experience in overcoming obstacles regarding his life with disability. He demonstrated that he is a “real story of success” and finished with his verse “Life is for living, not complaining!” (MP4)

Leo VÕHANDU, Professor at Tallinn University of Technology, member of the board, THINK Estonia, mentioned disabled persons communication and new health technology for practically everybody.

The Partner organisation made presentations about their work related to the development of curricula for Call Center sector for the disabled persons and best examples in their countries.

It was observed that all partners are willing and trying to do their best to develop national curricula for the sector concerned. All partners agreed that the testing and implementation of the courses domestically should be made voluntarily due to lack of funding.

A suggestion was very significant to bring all the curricula developed to the next meeting to be realised in Italy and to finalise the task of curricula development in the last meeting in Turkey.

On the last day of the Meeting was spent by cultural excursions to Tallinn and the Estonian Open Air Museum was a miracle to see for its nice folkloure and history and natural beauties of Estonia.

What was the most striking was the visit to Mella’s house in the countryside of Estonia. His father, a retired teacher was a man of big heart and struggle to overcome the difficulties of supporting a disabled person like Mella. And Mella was a real story of success with his paintings, his successful works of art and we had the opportunity to witness his life with his family in the countryside.

Of course the open air barbecue party and the musical performance by Kaido KIKKAS was wonderful to eat and listen and watch! Of course, as usual, the Turkish side tried to support the music by some music from Ankara!

Abdurrahman KURTASLAN,
President of the Federation of Disabled Associations,
the Coordinator Organisation of the project L@jost.


The movie of the L@jost project meeting in Estonia

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