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Title: New Horizons in Human Rights Education

Type of activity: Training Course

Date: 22-29 June 2014

Activity place: Tirana, Albania

Description: This training course was devoted to develop skills of European youth leaders and youth workers in human rights education using the new, updated Council of Europe Compass Human Rights Education Manual (2012). The course was based on non-formal learning methods from the Compass manual. We had participants from 9 Countries : Estonia, Turkey, Spain, Rumania, Bulgaria, Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ,and Albania .

The main aim of the course was to train participants in using the new manual in their everyday work with human rights issues in the EU and South-East Europe. This project prepared participants to become multipliers in Human Rights Education in their community. The Training Course fostered mutual understanding between young people in different EU and SEE countries. The TC program was a good stimulation for young people to reflect on the essential characteristics of European society and the role of Human Rights in protecting European values. The course aimed at awareness-raising about EU Citizenship and the human rights that go with it, in the context of the European Year of Citizens.

Theme(s): The course brought together youth workers and youth leaders from number EU and SEE countries. It increases positive awareness of other cultures, supports dialogue and helps to prevent prejudice. Through a structured programme of inter-cultural activities, the course will also develop a sense of tolerance and understanding of cultural diversity. The project’s intercultural dimension is one of its most important features. As the project focuses on human rights and HRE, respect for diversity and non-discrimination are among key values of the project

In this Training Course, different participants was fostering their skills to act as multipliers in Human Rights Education also to foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries.

The project increased young people's positive awareness of other cultures, they learned also how to

prevent and combat prejudice, racism and all attitudes leading to exclusion. The participants developed a sense of tolerance and understanding of diversity.

During the activity programme, we organized a number of sessions and workshops devoted to intercultural learning, as it is one of key premises for successful conflict transformation, when the participants gained more experience how to express their ideas and opinions.

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